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MistBuster® 500 Media - Mist Eliminator
Applications: MistBuster®
  • MistBuster Media 500
  • mistbuster-500-media-open-trays
  • MistBuster cells
  • MistBuster Media 500 filters
  • mistBuster-500-media-on-pedestal-stand
  • MistBuster cleaning kit
  • MistBuster Total Cell Cleaner with tank and cells
  • MistBuster ceiling mount kit

A media-based air cleaning system for the source collection of smoke, mist and metal particles produced by machining applications. The system uses a second-stage MERV 15 pleated filter. This mist eliminator is an industrial air cleaner designed to capture and clean mist and smoke from metalworking applications in industry. And because it uses disposable filters, you do not have to worry about washing the electronic cells.

The MistBuster® 500 Media three-stage air cleaning system provides up to 95% collection efficiency using a disposable MERV 15 pleated filter. Airflow is variable and controllable up to 500 CFM. A variety of mounting options available with the Mistbuster® 500 Media allow for maximum versatility in any industrial environment. Variable speed control allows for precise control over airflow and efficiency.

For more information on our powerful smoke and mist collector, check out the MistBuster® 500 Media spec sheet, learn about additional features of the MistBuster product line or review the MistBuster parts list.